2017 Poster presentations

1st Annual Bioengineering Graduate Student Research Symposium Poster presentations
April 29, 2017 | Beckman 1st floor atrium


Presenter Title Topic
Lauren Grant Next generation 3D printed infant hearts for pre-operative planning Biomaterials
Indrajit Srivastava Macromolecularly “caged” carbon nanoparticles for intracellular trafficking via switchable photoluminescence Nanotechnology in bioengineering
Matthew Gelber Freeform assembly Microfabrication approaches for tissue engineering
Cameron Hoerig A novel approach to elasticity imaging using neural networks Biomedical imaging and optics
Carlos Renteria Combinatorial all-optical imaging systems for assessing and controlling neural networks Biomedical imaging and optics
Phuong Le Quantitative mapping of epidermal growth factor receptor activation in single breast cancer cells with targeted therapies Nanotechnology in bioengineering
Yang Zhu Limitations on estimation of effective scatterer diameters Biomedical imaging and optics
Rushi Patel Therapeutic Nanobubbles for targeted ultrasound interventions against breast cancer Nanotechnology in bioengineering
Drug delivery
Yi Zhang Identifying causal genetic variants for breast cancer Bioinformatics, computational, and systems biology
Yingye Fang Quantification of VEGF receptors on circulating endothelial cells Bioinformatics, computational, and systems biology
Enrique Daza Nano-cesium for anti-cancer properties: an investigation into cesium induced metabolic interference Nanotechnology in bioengineering
Drug Delivery
Zainab Rahil Mechanoselectivity: cell’s guide to force transduction Biomechanics
Tissue and stem cell engineering
Lucas Smith Ultra-sensitive microRNA detection using RNA primed DNA synthesis Nanotechnology in bioengineering
Fatemeh Ostadhossein Nanosalina: A tale of saline-loving algae from the lake’s agony to cancer therapy Nanotechnology in bioengineering Drug Delivery
Max Simon Elucidation of the biosynthetic pathway to fosfomycin in pseudomonas syringae Cellular and molecular engineering