Bioengineering Graduate Student Symposium

Welcome to the first-annual Bioengineering Graduate Student Symposium, which is a full day of events that showcase the research of our outstanding graduate students. Nearly half of our students were selected to present their work today either through a talk or a poster presentation. We hope today’s presentations will foster future collaborations among our students and faculty. We will present awards for the best oral and poster presentations, as well as a few other select department-related honors at the conclusion of today’s program.

1st Annual Bioengineering Graduate Student Symposium Agenda
April 29, 2017 | Beckman Institute | 405 N. Mathews in Urbana


8:30 a.m. Registration
coffee and refreshments
Beckman Institute auditorium (1st floor, west end of building)
9:00 a.m. - 9:40 a.m. Opening remarks
Rashid Bashir, Grainger Distinguished Chair and BioE Department Head
King Li, Inaugural Dean of the Carle Illinois College of Medicine

Beckman auditorium
9:45 a.m. Oral presentations session 1
Guillermo Monroy, “Characterizing otitis media with optical coherence tomography for improved diagnosis and treatment with machine learning.”
Mohammed Zahid, “Evaluating mechanisms of cytoplasmic delivery of nanoparticles through single-quantum dot tracking.”
Pin-Chieh Huang, “Magnetomotive optical coherence elastography as a tool for magnetic hyperthermia dosimetry.”

Beckman auditorium
10:45 a.m. Break
11:00 a.m. Oral presentations session 2
Beckman auditorium

Jungeun Won, “Pneumatic low coherence interferometry as a quantitative middle ear diagnostic tool.”
Saumya Tiwari, “Systems pathology applied to colorectal carcinoma with infrared spectroscopic imaging.”
Yanfen Li, “Role of HDAC4 as mechanosensor in fibroblasts.”

12:00 p.m. Networking lunch (for graduate students and faculty judges only)
1005 Beckman
1:00 p.m. Graduate student poster session
Poster list
Beckman 1st floor atrium
2:00 p.m. Oral presentations session 3
Beckman auditorium

Olivia Cangellaris, “Enhancing hippocampal neuron alignment with a self-rolled-up 3D microtube array.”
Elena Maria Zannoni, “Design study for MRC-SPECT-II: a new generation of MR-compatible SPECT system based on compound-eye gamma cameras.”
Jamila Hedhli, “Multimodal assessment of mesenchymal stem cell therapy for diabetic vascular complications.”
Jacob Berger, “A microfabricated immunosensor based on an electrical differential counter for the selective detection of IL-6.”

3:20 p.m. Break
3:40 p.m. Oral presentations session 4
Beckman auditorium

Parinaz Fathi, “Characterization of polycaprolactone-polydioxanone composites for use in 3D-printed bioresorbable stents.”
Chen Liao, “An Integrative Circuit-Host Modeling Framework for Synthetic Biology.”
Sixian You, “Label-free molecular histopathology by programmable supercontinuum pulses.”
Christian Konopka, “The use of a novel multimodal nanoparticle for in vivo assessment of the receptor for advanced glycation end products in prostate cancer.”

5:00 p.m. Awards ceremony
Beckman auditorium

The first-annual Graduate Student Symposium was organized by the GradBMES committee:

Special additional thanks to the following people for helping with the event: