A student-run organization that fosters collaboration among Bioengineering graduate students. Grad BMES hosts exchanges and info sessions for graduate students, and provides them with mentorship opportunities.

First Bioengineering Graduate Student Symposium a success

Held April 29, 2017, this event showcased the department’s cutting-edge research while promoting future research collaborations. Nearly half of the department’s 75 graduate students were selected to present their work either through a talk or poster presentation. Yi Zhang, a graduate student in Professor Jun Song’s Computational Biology group, won the Symposium’s Best Poster Award for her work on identifying causal genetic variants for breast cancer.

Mohammad Zahid, a graduate student in Assistant Professor Andrew Smith’s group, won the Best Presentation Award for his work on evaluating mechanisms of cytoplasmic delivery of nanoparticles through single-quantum dot tracking. Zahid also received a 2016 Teaching Excellence Fellowship award.

Other graduate students who were presented with awards included:

Yanfen Li, 2016 Teaching Excellence Fellow & 2017 Graduate Student Leadership Award

Parinaz Fathi, 2017 Teaching Excellence Fellow

Walden Li, 2017 Teaching Excellence Fellow

Olivia Cangellaris, 2017 Teaching Excellence Fellow

Ian Berg, 2016 Teaching Excellence Fellow


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